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Web Design Process

We will set up an initial exploration meeting to discuss the aims of the web design project. During this meeting we will talk about what the company does, who it does it for, where they do it as well as who else they would like to work for.

We will also discuss what you need out of your new website. In some cases a client will simply need a smart brochure site with very few pages. This type of site is normally used as an online company brochure which tells about the companies products and services. If a client needs something more than a brochure site we will discuss all possible functionality.

Other functionality can include:

  • Content Management System (CMS)
  • eCommerce (online store)
  • Search facility
  • Client areas
  • Password Protected Areas
  • Multi Division Sites
  • Use of multi media
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media Opportunities
  • Multi Hosting Options

We will also discuss your websites look and feel, how your new look fits in with your corporate identity, what sort of imagery you need to use, what budget you have to work with, what your time line is, what your competition are doing and much much more. In fact we will discuss everything that needs to be addressed on day one.

After that meeting we will then provide our client with a comprehensive quotation that covers everything. If this meets all expectations and budgets then we will start working on the web project.

We will design a detailed wire frame of how the new site will work and how the pages and other elements link up. It will have detailed information on all functionality. When this is signed off we will work on a visual mockup of all major pages. After we get your input and feedback we will re-work the mockup (if necessary) until you are 100% happy with the web design. When we get sign off on the web mockup we will then start construction.

In some cases we do provide content generation and other times our clients provide all content for the site.

When the site is complete we will then walk our client through the new site and work on any snag list issues. When the site is complete we will then go into a test more and put the site online but pass word protected until testing is complete.

Your site will then go live. If it is replacing an existing website we will swap the sites over seamlessly with no down time.

We always strive to meet all deadlines on time and with in budget.

Call us today to discuss your web design and web development requirements or any other marketing or design projects on 01 4508057